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This site aims to educate and entertain with videos, comics and interesting stories in the target language. We also provide clear-cut grammar lessons that make you wonder why you thought you could never learn a new language!

how to memorize languages


Eliminate boredom and frustration when it comes to memorizing lessons from school by incorporating the information into pop-inspired musical compilations. Download songs for Spanish, French, English and other subjects and play them on your favorite device.

language testing to prove ability


We offer premium testing & consulting services which help organizations of all sizes verify the language abilities of their potential or current members. Completely customized & digital, LingoTests are invaluable to foreign language teachers, schools, students, & employers.

read in foreign language easy book

Reading for beginners

Interesting mini-novels with vocabulary and grammar lessons for language beginners. Available for iPad, Kindle and print.

Designed for the Spanish beginner who is ready to explore literature, the first book of the Totally InTense series is written entirely in the present tense. Increasingly complex grammatical elements are gradually introduced in the story, and subsequent books add tenses one at a time. New words and concepts are explained right there in the margins, so you can leave the dictionary on the shelf. The comprehensive introduction provides a great review for basic and complex grammatical elements.

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read classic stories

Reading for a challenge

Availble for iPad (with interactive features and zoom), eBooks and print.

For those ready to tackle some authentic literature in the language they're learning, Lingo Classics provides original classic text with contemporary commentary and explanations. Each ebook is carefully annotated to help add to the reader's vocabulary and grammar skills in new languages as they explore classical works of literature. Want to read Don Quijote de la Mancha in the original Spanish but not fully versed in medieval terminology? Want to get better at recognizing the literary passé simple in Le Petit Chaperon Rouge? Want grammar and vocabulary lessons in context rather than in a worksheet? You've come to the right place.

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cheap proofreading


Paper Fixers proofreading services

For those who are having difficulty with English writing but don't have time for lessons, Paper Fixers provide a short term solution in catching and correcting mistakes. Proofreading is available for academic or business documents by the page.

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For StudyTunes

"I listen to this for the verbs it includes, especially how to conjugate "aller" - I don't think I could forget it now if I tried!"

- Clara, Amazon.com purchase


For Lingo Learner

"Great video! I love the descriptions and analogies in English. And the pronunciation is very helpful."

- Youtube comment


For Totally InTense

"It's like in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince when Harry finds the potion book full of useful notes, and suddenly he is the best one in the class."

- iTunes book review


For Lingo Classics

"Absolutely amazing. This is a precious resource for me. The margin notes make it so much better than the typical reader."

- Book Review

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The Lingo Company provides solutions for students, teachers, governments and businesses to learn, memorize, test, and proofread in new languages.

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